●Air Condition Unit Installation

Having many years of experience in the installation of air conditioning units from small splits, semi-central to central air conditioners, we can make a difference. The method of mounting and the quality of installation differs and has an important role in not only the life of the air conditioner but also its performance. For us, every case is unique and special. We offer the service to come and survey your space and then consult with you as to the best possible unit and air conditioning solution that suits your needs. By using the best materials we are able to provide the best result. Each air conditioner has a different installation price depending on: the strength of the unit, the quantity and amount of material to be used, the uniqueness of the installation site and the distance from our headquarters. We never sacrifice the quality of our work and the quality of materials which both distinguishes us and has rewarded us all these years.

Our company, according to the new 517/2014 Fluoride Fluid Regulation and the new refrigerant fluid R 32, certifies the suitability of personnel in accordance with Regulation 1067/2015 / EC on fixed cooling equipment, air conditioning, heat pumps and single truck refrigeration and trailer refrigerators.

Category 1 for:

A Water tightness check

B Recovery

C Installation

D Repair,maintenance,

E Decommissioning

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