●Official Installation Declaration Publication

The Official Installation Declaration Publication (Έκδοση ΥΔΕ) is now mandatory for all buildings under the existing law (N.4483 / 65) by a licensed electrician who is responsible for the installation and gives the solemn declaration made by the Controller of the Greek Electricity Distribution Network (ΔΕΔΔΗΕ). Retesting of sites is executed in intervals as defined in Article 5 of Decision F.7.5 / 1816/88 / 2.27.04 by the Ministry of Development, published in the Official Gazette 470 / 05.03.2004.

Examples of retesting:

  • Every 14 years in housing.
  • Every seven years at commercial locations (with non-flammable materials).
  • Every two years in industrial warehouses.
  • Every year for petrol stations and buildings that do business with the public.

In cooperation with the Association of Electrical Contractors of Rethymnon we issue and sign the Official Electrician Declaration.  The cost of the declaration depends on the intended use of the building, the integrity of the electrical panel and the number of fuses.

Retesting primarily involves:

  • Change in account name
  • Power Increase
  • Reconnection
  • Acquisition of new power supply

Contact us to visit to your location and give you more information on the Official Installation Declaration Publication (Έκδοση ΥΔΕ)  or other publications and guidelines of the Public Power Corporation SA (Δ.Ε.Η.)

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