●Furnace / Boiler Maintenance

The maintenance of the furnace / boiler burner system is a necessary process for the orderly, economical and safe operation of the central heating unit. An annual maintenance raises the unit’s life expectancy and ensures smooth operation without faults and problems.
The furnace / boiler adjustment is done with an electronic analyzer for the accurate achievement of an economical and environmentally-friendly operating environment.
Furnace / boiler maintenance can prevent damages from happening, which can far outweigh the cost of annual maintenance.
We are there to advise and help you so that the heating unit you have remains reliable and functional even when not in frequent use.
We also undertake the supply and installation of Differential Thermostats for a smarter operation of hot water systems.

Furnace / boiler maintenance includes:

  • Furnace / Boiler Cleaning
  • Cleaning of chimney (where required)
  • Cleaning or replacement of nozzle
  • Cleaning electrode arrangement
  • Cleaning disperser
  • Cleaning the LDR (Light Dependent Resister)

 Checking for proper operation of

  • Transformer
  • Pump Fuel
  • Electronic components
  • Motor
  • Automatic filling valve
  • Circulator

         Diagnostics of

  • Exhaust temperature
  • Furnace / Boiler temperature
  • Carbon monoxide levels
  • Nitrogen oxides levels
  • Oxygen levels
  • Carbon dioxide levels
  • Traction
  • Oil pump pressure
  • Boiler water temperature
  • Internal efficiency

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