●Central Heating

A central heating unit is an automatic mechanism used to control the heating of each separate living space. There are many different options to select from when choosing units but the most common form is with Hour Meters and Energy-Measuring Hot Water Meters.
Using an energy-measuring hot water meter is the most reliable and objective form of heating however the price of installation and overall purchase costs are extremely costly.
The more affordable and most common alternative solution used not only throughout Greece, but within our city of Rethymnon as well, is the hour meter.  In order for heat consumption hours to be converted to cost there must be a cost allocation study.
We undertake both the hydraulic and electrical elements of the installation and repair of any central heating units in old and new apartment buildings. By surveying your location, we are able to provide you with the best possible solution for your needs and ensure the heating comfort of each separate living area.

Contact us to visit your location and give you more information and solutions about central heating and a quote.