●Air Condition Unit Maintenance and Repair

Air conditioner maintenance is vital for proper function and cost-effective operation of your unit(s).  Through proper maintenance and chemical cleaning, it removes any harmful pollutants that may cause health and respiratory problems. The air from the air conditioner combined with dust and viral contaminants are deposited on the filters and brushes of the unit. This in combination with the humidity which is already in the air of the space where the air conditioner is located create a dangerous combination to our health. Unfortunately this is not an easily perceived issue. It is only when the problem has reached an advanced stage and odors are evident that it is at all perceivable.
As a result, air conditioners need to be cleaned and disinfected before the problem reaches the point of being perceived. The recommended cleaning and maintenance requirements are: in private homes with regular use it should be done once a year; two to three times a year in shops, offices, commercial spaces and any sanitary spaces; always considering the amount of use.
In addition to a proper cleaning, the mechanical, electronic elements and electrical parts of the air conditioner including the refrigerant circuit pressure must be monitored for greater efficiency.
We also undertake any repair your air conditioner may need regardless of make or model.  We have the experience to work with and access to most companies for replacement parts.  We are also the official service representatives for TOYOTOMI, KENDO and KEROSUN in the Rethymnon area. We also work in cooperation with ASTRA SERVISE conditioners from CARREFOUR MARINOPOULOS companies, CHAMPION, ELECTRONIC ATHENS, MEDIA MARKT, MAKRO CASH & CARRY, KOTSOVOLOS, and PRAKTIKER.
For any questions you may have about the poor performance or any problems you face with your air conditioner we are more than willing to help you via phone or even a visit to your location for a diagnosis.

Each maintenance service entails:

For the internal unit:

  • Washing and antibacterial cleaning of air filters
  • Washing and chemical cleaning of the heat exchanger
  • Fan Cleaning
  • Cleaning of the external parts of the machine
  • Checking condensation drain for any leakage
  • Checking of electrical connections
  • Checking the bearing and supports
  • Testing of unit and proper operation control
  • Setting operating parameters depending on the season

For the outdoor unit:

  • Checking the bearing control unit
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Checking the operating pressure of the refrigerant cycle while in operation
  • Washing and chemical cleaning of the heat exchanger

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